Headaches and Chiropractic Video

Posted on 11-14-2015

I like this video on chiropractic and headaches....very informative.

Headaches and Chiropractic

Posted on 09-14-2015

According to the American Chiropractic Association, here is a description of what your chiropractor can do for your headaches:

  • Perform spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments to improve spinal function and alleviate the stress on your system.
  • Provide nutritional advice, recommending a change in diet and perhaps the addition of B complex vitamins.
  • Offer advice on posture, ergonomics (work postures), exercises and relaxation techniques. This advice should help to relieve the recurring joint irritation and tension in the muscles of the neck and upper back.

“Doctors of chiropractic undergo extensive training to help their patients in many ways – not just back pain,” says Dr. McClelland. “They know how tension in the spine relates to problems in other parts of the body, and they can take steps to relieve those problems.”

In addition, as per The University Of Maryland, there is evidence of the efficacy of chiropractic for treatment of migraine headeaches:

"Several clinical trials indicate that spinal manipulation therapy may help treat migraine headaches. In one study of people with migraines, 22% of those who received chiropractic manipulation reported more than a 90% reduction of attacks. Also, 49% reported a significant reduction of the intensity of each migraine.

In another study, people with migraine headaches were randomly assigned to receive spinal manipulation, a daily medication (Elavil), or a combination of both. Spinal manipulation worked as well as Elavil in reducing migraines and had fewer side effects. Combining the 2 therapies didn't work any better.

In addition, researchers reviewed 9 studies that tested chiropractic for tension or migraine headaches and found that it worked as well as medications in preventing these headaches.

However, not all of these studies were good quality, and they varied in the techniques used. More research is needed to say for sure whether chiropractic care can prevent migraines."

If you suffer from migraine headaches, see a qualified health professional to get a differential diagnosis before choosing an appropriate treatment option.

**This blog is intended for informational use only and not as a treatment advice. See a qualified health professional for treatment options.

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